Durabolin Cycle: Endurance & Muscle

Most bodybuilders are worried about the side effects that androgen anabolic steroids are known to cause. But among them one of the safest options with very few side effects is Durabolin. Composed of Nandrolone this is predominantly known as a cure for chronic conditions like anemia as well as to cure osteoporosis. The injectable steroid shows an increase in the stamina and is a boon for the bodybuilders.

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The very first synthetic Nandrolone was created in 1950 and its derivatives came thereafter. It is also known to be one of the most common doping substances in sports and bodybuilding sector. The early uses of this steroid were to treat osteoporosis which is attained by altering the 19’th position in the hormone in the synthetic version to mitigate the side effects.


A recommended dosage of 200 mg in a week is used by most bodybuilders. The frequency of administering the injection could be spaced between 2 or 4 weeks apart.


Anadrol, Dianobol, Masteron, and other Testosterone stacks might be used by bodybuilders along with Durabolin. These could be used during the cutting cycle to retain the attained shape.

Helping bodybuilders

Durabolin has been popular in the bodybuilding cycle for more than three decades now. Without breaking the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body this one helps increase the endurance. Similar steroids which break DHT might lead to baldness and other similar side effects. By quickening and enhancing the protein synthesis in the body Durabolin helps the growth in muscle tissues. And with exercises, these muscles can then be toned. In the end, the targeted bulking up of the muscles is thus obtained. This whole effect is achieved by the steroid by boosting the body’s ability to retain nitrogen.

The other main way in which Durabolin benefits bodybuilders is by improving the health of the joints. By making it possible for the body to produce collagens at a faster pace the friction in the joints due to the strain during workouts can be reduced.

  • There is a noticeable increase in the appetite that makes it easy to increase the consumption of the recommended bulking diet.
  • Red blood cell generation is also increased which boosts the effects of every workout.
  • Unlike most other steroids which can cause an increase in the liver toxicity, this one can reduce the chances of toxin accumulation in the liver.
  • There is no significant increase in the esterogen levels in the body which leads to lower chances of gynecomastia and acne.

On the whole, the bodybuilding goals can be met and the required gain in the muscle mass and endurance can be achieved sans the commonly known side effects.

So is Durabolin safe?

Increase in the red blood cell count might also cause an increase in bleeding during an injury. There tends to be a mild increase in water retention with the regular use of Druabolin. There could also be psychiatric effects like depression in some rare cases. But the number of side effects of this steroid is outweighed by the benefits that this one offers and so it continues to be a popular choice. Do your own research then decide.

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