Why are Steroids banned in many Countries?

Anabolic steroids are now banned because their use, which was once supervised by doctors and strictly related to a particular condition, has now become widespread for recreational use by athletes. With the simple aim of creating an ideal body, and improving physical performance.

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In 1993, the first scientific article presenting the serious health risks of steroids was published. It is as a result of these discoveries, and drifts in the sports world, that many countries have banned them from sale. Mainly to protect their citizens from the threat they pose.

In France, it is therefore prohibited to buy and use steroids. In the United States and Canada, their use is very strictly controlled, and must be done as part of a medical follow-up.

In addition, all sports bodies such as FIFA (the International Football Federation), UEFA and the International Tennis Federation recognise steroids as doping products. And so they banned them from all sports competitions by introducing very strict controls on all athletes.

However, prohibiting or controlling the sale and use of steroids does not mean that they are no longer consumed by athletes. In all the countries that regulate their use, a large black market for contraband or counterfeit products has developed. This further exposes people who take it to health risks. This is why some argue for less regulation.

What are the health risks of their taking?

Steroids are therefore mainly prohibited because of the serious dangers they pose to your health. Indeed, if their anabolic effect interests athletes who wish to gain muscle mass, it is not limited to the development of the cells of your muscle tissues.

Steroids can also change the genetic code of your cells, thus accelerating the development of cancer cells. In addition to increasing the risk of cancer, anabolic drugs can also cause kidney problems. Your kidneys will have to work at full capacity to manage and catalyze these new molecules. With all the risks it represents.

In addition to the heart problems, high blood pressure or cholesterol caused by steroids, taking this growth hormone can have a virilizing impact on female athletes. They risk developing more hair. But also to be infertile. The same goes for their male colleagues who also suffer from fertility problems, but also testicular atrophy. In addition to significant mental disorders such as high aggressiveness or risk of depression.

Dangers inherent in anabolic substances

In addition to being irreversible, its harmful side effects on your behaviour and general health are inherent in taking anabolic substances. This means that it is almost impossible to avoid them.

To boost their effectiveness, steroids take them chronically. This increases the risk of premature death by almost 5 times.

The dosage taken by weightlifters to boost their sporting performance also presents risks of dependence. And increases the risk of side effects due to the concentration of the products used. Even the intake in the cycle frame, and stacked with other products is harmful to your health.

The ban on these products also increases the risk of counterfeiting. These contain harmful products and even bacteria that can also be very dangerous to your health. Finally, taking anabolic substances without being able to benefit from the supervision of a doctor prevents you from knowing exactly what the contraindications are. Or to take a dosage that could reduce the harmful impacts of anabolics on your body.

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