Turinabol Tablets: Buy & Swallow or Forget & Rack (up)?

The market is flooded with different performance enhancers. However, not all may be appropriate for you and not to mention that if you consume the wrong one, then you might begin to show effects that are in total contradiction to the expected results. Thus, why risk it when you have something right for you? Choose Turinabol. Nevertheless, if you are still unsure then continue reading this article to know why and how Turinabol is the right steroid for you.

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Brief Introduction to Turinabol

Although the steroid is marketed under the brand name Turinabol, its actual chemical name is Chloro-dehydro-methyl-testosterone. If that is too long a name for you to spell let alone remember, how about adopting its more familiar market names – the “Tbol” or the “Oral Turinabol”.

Now that you have the nomenclature aside, you must be wondering what exactly the composition of this steroid is. Turinabol is basically a modified derivative of a product called the Dianabol, chemically known as the Methandrostenolone. Complicated it might sound, but the steroid is simply a combination of two different chemical structures, namely the Dianabol and the Clostebol, which is chemically known as the 4-chloro-testosterone. Thus, now you know how the christening of Turinabol was actually done from its chemical name 4-chloro-dehydro-methyl-testosterone.

If you are still not very pleased with the above-mentioned names, there is one more for you. Turinabol also goes by the name “mild-Dianabol”. The name has been entitled based on the chemical property that allows it to behave like a non-aromatizable product and yet possesses a low androgenic rating, which is similar to the milder version of the actual Dianabol.

So who came up with such a brilliantly named product? Well it the Jenapharm Pharmaceutical Company, located in East Germany that came up with the product initially. However, today underground labs and other anabolic steroid manufacturers currently manufacture Turinabol.

Thus, it is only obvious to ask if the product is trustworthy. Yes, it is unless of course, you stay away from the counterfeited products and the steroid black market.

An Elaborate Overview

With a brief introduction aside, here is a deeper look into what the steroid is all about including its history, what it actually does, how it reacts, its side effects, interactions, and much more.

History of the discovery of Turinabol

Initial information regarding the steroid dates back to 1962 when Jenapharm manufactured Chloro-dehydro-methyl-testosterone. It was praised for its ability to present separate effects of that of anabolic and androgenic traits.

The first set of Turinabol administrations came in two concentrations, one in the form of 1mg tablets to those who were sensitive to anabolic therapies mainly the women and children, and the other in the form of 5mg tablets for the others. Its initial medical uses included treatment of different ailments, mainly promotion of bone mass and strength.

In the 1990s, Turinabol became infamous for its use as a doping agent in a state-sponsored event called the State Plan Research Theme. Later, Turinabol was administered to many athletes in the form of small blue vitamin capsules to enhance their performance at the Olympic Games & other sporting events, mainly because it was undetectable, as its existence was unknown then. However, Oral-Turinabol caught the attention two decades later but Jenapharm seized all production by then.


  • It is extensively used as a performance enhancer.

  • It is also used to build and boost muscle mass, muscle strength, and lean muscles.

  • It has the ability to lower the levels of testosterone in users naturally.

  • It can also be used to gain mass at moderate levels.

  • It also helps in losing fat and building body.

  • It helps to maintain the muscle mass in a person who is a deficit in calories.

  • It also helps to prevent the breakdown of proteins in the body.

Usage Instructions

  • Dosage: Turinabol is commonly prescribed in different dosage levels starting from 5mg to 10 mg for the male users whereas the less sensitive users such as women and children are given a dosage ranging somewhere between 1 mg and 2.5mg on a daily basis.

  • Treatment Protocol: Turinabol has a long half-life of 16 hours. Therefore, it is not required to split the doses in a day. However, if the user wants to split the doses, it can be done without any issues.

  • When to Use: Users can administer a full dose of Turinabol first thing in the morning or split the does throughout the day if he/she wishes. If the user is going to split the dosage, then he/she may consume half the dosage in the morning, as soon as he/she wakes up and the remainder in the evening.

Mode of Action

Since Turinabol has no estrogenic effects, it does not bind with the enzyme aromatase chemically, and as result does not convert the androgens into estrogens. Further, Turinabol with its weak androgenic effects is capable of producing its desired effects without producing any major androgenic side effects, when compared to other anabolic steroids.

Expected Effects

  • It has the ability to provide quality lean gains in a steady manner and that too consistently over time.

  • It does not produce any additional bloating effects, water weight, or fat retention in the body.

  • While comparing Turinabol to other steroids and other bodybuilding supplements, it is a much weaker anabolic agent and bodybuilders no longer see it as mass gaining product.

Side Effects

  • Increased risk of hypertension, heart diseases, and heart failure

  • Increase in bad cholesterol levels

  • Weaker body

  • Fat accumulation

  • Water Retention

  • Lesser sexual drive

  • Infertility

  • Testicular atrophy

  • Inability to produce testosterone

  • Gynecomastia

  • Poor skin health that results in either an oily or dry skin with acne and rashes

  • Increased aggression

  • The baldness of the head

  • Excessive hair growth in the back

  • Permanent damage to the liver/liver cancer


Thus, the steroid Turinabol excels best in the world of performance enhancement. Although there are no major problems associated with this steroid, caution is advised against buying and consuming fake and counterfeited products. Make sure tbol is legal to buy in your country and do additional research to see if this steroid fits your risk profile. Or try the alternative.






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