Steroid Rage: Bodybuilder Stabs Girlfriend!

It’s as brutal as it is disturbing footage. A video from the USA shows a man beating his girlfriend, hitting her, throwing candles at her and stabbing her with a knife.

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The incident occurred in Washington Township in July. 35-year-old Paul B. has been in prison ever since. But now a video showing the bloody assault became public.

“Time and time again, the defendant hit her as she lay motionless on the floor,” Deputy District Attorney Jordan Fields told the court on Monday, as the local newspaper Macomb Daily reported. “Why she didn’t die, I don’t know. She could have died that day, Judge.”

40 minutes the man maltreated the woman

Neighbours had finally discovered the injured woman in front of the front door and informed the police. Investigators found cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy and a substance containing growth hormones in the suspect’s house.



The attack lasted about 40 minutes. The video shows the woman being attacked lying on the ground pressed against a couch. B.’s arm is once full of blood.

“The defendant was using large amounts of steroids at the time because he was preparing for a national bodybuilding competition,” his lawyer David Griem said during the trial on Monday, the Macomb Daily reported. “I believe what happened that day was something called ‘riod rage’, short for steroid rage.”

Woman wants indictment dropped

The defendant’s girlfriend was in a coma for several days. In the meantime, she also appeared before the court – and demanded that the charges against Paul B. be dropped. What happened on this bloody day was her fault.

Prosecutor Eric Smith told US radio station Fox2Detroit that in domestic violence cases, defendants often make victims drop the charges. It is therefore important to help and encourage the victims.

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