Rexobol Review: Uses, Dosage & Brass Tax

Among the various AAS (anabolic and androgenic steroids) used by bodybuilders, Rexobol is one of the most effective options for regulating and retaining a healthy muscle mass. It is a derivative of Stanozolol marketed by Alpha Pharma as 10mg and 50mg tablets. In the field of hormone replacement therapy, Alpha Pharma is one of the most trusted pharmaceutical company.

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Following the lines of the popular Stanozolol like Winstrol, which was first introduced in 1962, Rexobol is known to promote the process of tissue-building in the body.

What are the benefits that Rexobol offers for bodybuilders?

For the cutting cycle as well as the bulking cycle Rexobol is known to be a very effective supplement. Without drastic changes in the food plan with exercises alone, bulking up by the promotion of muscle building and an increase in the lean muscle mass can be achieved with the help of Rexobol. There are plenty of benefits that bodybuilders are known to reap from this Stanozolol tablet –

  • The quicker loss in fat
  • Endurance enhancement with the increased energy levels which promote more intense longer workout sessions.
  • Better muscle mass retention means better retention and achievement of the desired shape for bodybuilders.
  • Even for those who are looking to simply add strength and slim down this steroid works by increasing the lean muscle mass
  • Athletes benefit from the increased endurance which helps during the training
  • For weight loss, the rapid fat loss process induced by Rexobol can be of great help.

The beginners might be recommended the starting dosage of 10mg while the dosage can also be gradually increased to 50mg per day. The combination of 10mg tablets or a single 50 mg tablet could also be taken.

Stacking of Rexobol could be done with Dianobol, Anabol, Parabolan, Masteron and other steroids. The time when the steroid is taken determines the right stack. For example, Parabolan can be a great stack when water retention is to be avoided and for cutting cycle, Dianobol works well.

Side effects to be warned about

Continuous consumption of this oral steroid might interfere with the natural testosterone secretion in the body. And like other anabolic steroids, there is also the risk associated with the increased accumulation of toxins in the liver. A thorough detox routine soon after the cycle can be very useful.

Cholesterol levels are known to shoot up with consumption in large dosages and there also tends to be a drop in the high-density lipid-protein levels which is an essential cholesterol in the body.

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