Injecting Sustanon 250: Y or N – EVERY Bro Wants to Know!

Among the testosterone steroids available in the market today Sustanon is one of the highly recommended products due to its fast acting power. The results are visible within a few doses. This injectable steroid is marketed under the brand name Sustanon by Organon Pharmaceutical company. This company is known to cater to various therapeutic drugs and hormone treatments. Available in the form of a slightly dense oil this one is injected directly into the muscles.

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This article talks about this injectable testosterone compound in detail. You would also get to know about the therapeutic benefits of this injection besides just being a boon for the bodybuilders. And learning about the side effects would also make it easy for you to identify and stick with the recommended dosages and thus avoid negative effects.

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon has been sold as Sustanon 250 and Sustanon 100. The former is composed of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, and Testosterone Decanoate. Sustanon 100 contains all of these testosterone compounds except Testosterone Decanoate. Recently, it is only Sustanon 250 that is available as 100mg was discontinued in 2009. In most of the fast acting testosterone injections, the effects start fading pretty soon as the injected solution gets absorbed. But to tackle this and to give quick results which also sustain for a relatively longer duration esterification process of the testosterone is done. The unique combination of the esters is also done to achieve this effect. Of the 4 esters propionate as well as phenylpropionate are known for their brief half life periods and so they start acting immediately once the injection is given. The other two continue to slowly reveal their effects thanks to their longer half-lives. So the overall combination acts quick and acts for a longer duration than most other testosterone injections. This is one way in which Sostenon is known to be better than most other steroids and testosterone hormone supplements.

Esters of testosterone are the combined molecules where the testosterone chain is attached with a carbon chain at one end. This is a method used in order to reduce the speed of release of testosterone into the body soon after the molecules are injected. The length of the carbon chain or the ester chain determines the time taken for the release of the testosterone. Longer the chain the more the time taken. In order to achieve a stability in the release of the testosterone molecules and to sustain a consistently high figure, such stable combinations like Sustanon are recommended. These can be used by athletes as well as by the bodybuilders.

Benefits for bodybuilders

One of the major benefits that the Sustanon injection offers over the other testosterone supplements is that this one contains a combination of molecules that are released at spaced out intervals. In some cases, a sudden spike in the hormone levels can do more harm than good. For bodybuilders stacking various testosterones and steroids in their cycle, a product that works without drastically affecting the hormone levels would be the one that works well and Sustanon is one such option.

The anabolic rating of this injection is relatively lower than steroids but then this predominantly is recommended as a testosterone booster rather than a solitary anabolic steroid. It gives a fairly good amount of bulking on its own and when stacked the results are much better.

The rise in the levels of testosterone in the body and the retention of these levels for over 3 weeks means that during this period the recovery from strain and injury can be faster. This injection also improves the efficiency of the other anabolic steroids.

Not just for the bodybuilders

Though bodybuilders and athletes are the most common users of Sustanon this also has several therapeutic uses.

  • Hypogonadism and the accompanying drop in the testosterone levels can be treated with Sustanon.
  • The capacity of this injection to lower the estrogen levels makes this an effective option to be used for breast cancer treatment.
  • Regular doses can keep the mind alert and the energy levels high by putting an end to exhaustion caused by workouts. This is one main reason why athletes find them to be useful for their practice.

Stacking and dosages

The total effects of the injection last for 21 days approximately. There could be slight variations from person to another and based on the diet and workouts as well. The stability and the long-lasting effects of this injection are attributed to the blend of the various testosterone esters. And the last of the ester disintegrates from the muscles in about 4 weeks. So depending on the results you can get a second dose of the injection after 3 or 4 weeks. The reduced frequency of taking the injection is one huge benefit as there are several other steroids and testosterone injections that might have to be taken every few days.

The combination itself works pretty well and therefore for those looking for a single hormone injection this one would be sufficient. But it is also known to be very effective in stacks. There are various types of steroid supplements and injections that call for a testosterone injection to amplify their effects and Sustanonis one of the best options to stack with such anabolic steroids. Equipose, DecaDurabolin, and Dianabol are the common stacking steroids with which Sustanon is often used. The steroids help to bulk up and the testosterone injection Sustanon helps increase the endurance and the rise in testosterone levels results in an increase in the energy for workouts.


The oil base of the injection is Arachis oil and so this one is not recommended for those allergic to peanuts. Levothyroxine, Fluconazole and anticoagulant medicines are known to interact with Sustanon. Sustanon remains in the bloodstream and is detectable for nearly 3 months. So plan to take the injection several months ahead of your tournaments.

So should you take Sustanon?

Increased levels in testosterone due to Sustanon might lead to hair loss or even prostrate hypertrophy in some cases. But the increased nitrogen retention and the better protein synthesis and other benefits make this an effective testosterone injection for bodybuilders.



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