Expert Claims: “Naturals” often use Roids – Interview

Mr. Nachbur, it has been about 48 hours since you published your video statement. How are you doing?
I’m fine. It took some effort to take this step. But all these things were already a permanent topic within the industry. Now it’s a good feeling to have said it all. But I never thought my video would make such a big splash. The reactions are overwhelming.

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You were flooded with feedback?
Yes, it’s incredible. On Facebook, Instagram, by mail – everywhere people write to me. I’ve received hundreds of messages. The website of my online shop Nessential was even offline for a while. And what people write to me encourages me. They’re glad someone said what’s going on. Many have also contacted me and want to protect me if someone would threaten me. Others advise me to start a crowdfunding campaign if legal demands come up to me and want to support me. Of course I will not make use of this, but it is nice to see that my efforts are appreciated and supported.

No one seems to be surprised by the threats of Janiec and Reiser. You too reckoned with it. Why?
I had already heard from other athletes that they were not playing with clean cards. That is why I secretly recorded the conversation. Besides, I already knew from the holidays with them that the ideal world, which they show their followers on social media, is played to a large extent. I admit that I wanted to work with them because they are so successful in the social media. But the difference between reality and their videos has already irritated me.

What do you think about the fact that natural bodybuilders are often not natural?
I personally think the Natural trend is great, but unfortunately a lot of athletes are just as doped. Some contests show the typical fat deposits under the nipples, which are a clear indication of steroids. But the jury says nothing about it and the doping tests are a joke. Cocaine is snuffed and steroids are injected – many people simply don’t know anything. I think that’s a pity and it makes me sad.

Everyone is to blame, who wants to destroy his body.
That’s true. But what worries me about people who are so present in the social media is their target audience. They are 14 to 20 years old and believe that you can get a body like their role models, only with the products and pure training. But that’s just not true. Instead, it would make much more sense to inform young people about the sometimes fatal consequences of anabolic steroids.

That annoys you?
It is a false role model. And promises are made that cannot be kept. I am an athlete and have been training in weight training for a long time, but I do not participate in any bodybuilding competitions. I have a lot of trouble with the whole industry. I founded my online portal Nessential because I want to sell products to people that really make a difference. I deliberately focus on products that don’t hurt, but can actually improve performance. I try to be honest with customers about what does what do what.

Does it help a bodybuilder to eat vegan?
I don’t think that makes any sense. In athletics, I have never met anyone who is active in top-class sport and eats vegan. In my opinion, that wouldn’t be beneficial at this level either. For me vegan bodybuilders are simply a marketing hype. The mentioned social media stars only want to sell their new vegan products. They all became vegan the moment their vegan lines came out. So I have big doubts that they actually eat that way.

*Matthias Nachbur is a former athlete of the national team and entrepreneur. With a video message published on November 16th, he has put the whole bodybuilding scene in turmoil.

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