Children ask: Do you get more muscle using steroids?

Yes, more and more. Until you are completely puffed up … and then, sometime, the dream bursts. That has to do with testosterone. It’s a sex hormone. It is naturally much stronger in men than it is in women. Especially at your age, during puberty, your body produces much more of it than before. Among other things, it ensures that your muscles grow more now than ever before. It’s a kind of healthy natural doping. On the other hand, there is synthetic testosterone, which is found in semi-legal doping drugs. It belongs to the so-called anabolic steroids.

Unfortunately, such anabolic drugs achieve the opposite of what you want in the long run. They reduce the body’s own “real” testosterone because they usually contain synthetic testosterone. Anabolic drug use can have the same consequence as drug consumption: What the substances supposedly give you, they later steal from you again.

The list of side effects of anabolic steroids is long. In the worst case, there is a risk of heart failure. And: The testicles can shrink. “Shrinking eggs”, that’s what they’re called in the scene, don’t produce testosterone and sperm any more. Then you are infertile. So muscles grow with anabolic steroids. But what does it do for you? You are more than just muscles, aren’t you?

Do muscles grow on their own?

When boys pubertize, they actually build muscles on their own, much more than girls do. No hormone preparations are needed.

How can young people increase their muscle mass?

The best way to do this is with strength training appropriate to your age. For example, exercises with your own body weight are well suited, efficient and free of charge, because you can do them at home without equipment. Protein-rich, healthy food also helps.

Proteins can be consumed by eating meat, but also nuts and pulses. Do vegetarians get as much muscle as meat eaters?

Yes, vegetarians can also build muscles. However, a little more knowledge about nutrition is needed. In order to replace the animal protein, a varied vegetable diet is necessary. Meat cannot simply be replaced by pulses. It also needs other sources of protein such as corn, eggs and dairy products.

What advice would you give to young bodybuilders who already use anabolic steroids?

Stop it! Maybe you won’t notice any side effects yet, but they will show up later. A good doctor can help you get out.


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