Can women Transform into men using roids?

After years of steroid abuse, women transform optically into men. Dark hair grows on the face, cheekbones become more angular and sometimes even the primary sexual characteristics change.

In these three professional athletes, their bodies have been forever transformed by deliberate or unintentional doping abuse.

#3: Candice Armstrong

Like Candice Armstrong. The 28-year-old bodybuilder from London was once a woman. Today Candice says she developed a tiny penis with steroids.

In an interview with DailyMail, Armstrong revealed that on the street she is called “Tranny or Faggot”.

#2: Andreas Krieger

The former shot-put artist Heidi Krieger is a victim of forced state doping in the GDR. With anabolic steroids and steroids, Krieger unwittingly became a man as a teenager.

As a result, problems arose with their gender identity, which warriors today attribute in part to doping. Later, Krieger changed his gender role, underwent a gender-equalizing surgery in 1997 and adopted the name Andreas.

#1: Joanna Clare Thomas

Joanna Clare Thomas was the youngest woman ever to win a Pro Card in bodybuilding. She started training at the tender age of 14!

In two years she gained over 41 kilos of body mass. These body changes are irreversible.

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